One hour a day

Suppose you received a metaphysical gift of one extra hour a day for a year. That’s it — no extra money or other resources. Just a 25 hour day for the next 365 days.

What would you do with it? Would you invest it in learning a to play a musical instrument, reading a particular set of books, learning a foreign language?

It’s a question worth pondering.

Now let’s take that principle and try applying it to our own non-metaphysically altered reality. Wouldn’t it make sense to set aside one hour from the existing 24 for similar reasons?

Imagine what you could get done with a single dedicated hour every day! I know we don’t usually think about time this way, but maybe we should.

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  1. Adrian says:

    Not so metaphysical for some of us. The work-from-home era brought on by the pandemic has given me about 2.5 hours per weekday, though I haven’t dedicated it to one particular thing. I have spent more time with my wife (and cats), more time sleeping, more time on hobby projects, and more time on mundane chores. Still time seems in short supply, but it definitely feels like a healthier work-life balance.

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