Text in the air

In a few years, when everyone gets used to wearing those extended reality glasses in public spaces, text will be everywhere. In particular, it will be floating in the air.

Sometimes it will appear very large and looming against the sky. At other times it will show up on a convenient wall.

Then there is the text that will be hovering between you and me during our casual conversation (perhaps when ordering from a restaurant, or spending time together reading an email from Mom). And then there will be text we carry with us, as a personal note or reminder, which nobody else can see.

I wonder what exactly this text will look like. Will it be bright and glowing? Will it look flat or three dimensional? Will preferred fonts be cartoonish or formal? Will it aim to grab our attention, or to blend unobtrusively into our world?

It’s not really a question about technology, but about human preference. So I guess we will need to wait to see what answers will arrive in the laboratory of mass adoption.

3 thoughts on “Text in the air”

  1. Back in university a friend and I did a short film about a guy walking around after a breakup and you can see his thoughts written out on the walls behind him. It was mainly to experiment with motion tracking (which was far from easy at the time), but also played with the idea of something internal and inherently private suddenly being projected outwards, possible alternatives to spoken language to articulate thoughts in a film, and telling a story by linking the character and the environment in a non-physical way that doesn’t (didn’t) exist.

    Thinking about it now, today one would probably use emojis.
    Also how would a future version of the “texting date” of Rajesh and Lucy (TBBT) look like if they wouldn’t need to use their phones anymore and could share their thoughts literally between them, but unseen by everyone else…?

    here’s the little movie we did (with English subtitles)


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