There will come a point when putting on your VR glasses and talking with a friend who is physically somewhere else will feel more “present” than talking with them when they are right in front of you. I don’t know how long it will be before that happens, but sooner or later it will. That will be the crossover point.

There will be two elements to that future experience. The first will be the sense that the person is right there in front of you, with proper 3D perspective and perfectly correct spatial audio. You will be able to get all of the subtleties eye movement, body language and facial expression, like you now do when talking to somebody face to face.

The second element will be all of the super powers that you will both have. Objects and text that float in the air, the ability to modify your appearance at will, being able to instantly transport yourselves into any location. These are just a few of the new powers will will have in future “virtually present” face to face conversations, that we will eventually take for granted.

There will be other future super powers that nobody has yet thought of, but they will. A good analogy might be the Apple App Store. Many of the apps didn’t occur to people right away, but in hindsight they seemed obvious.

There will likely be a similar learning curve involved here, as we all gradually get used to the possibilities. Who knows — maybe you or one of your children will end up coming up with a killer app for the future experiential economy.

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