Meetings in real and virtual space

In a few months we may be emerging from this pandemic, and people will be able to go back to meeting in person. But I seriously doubt that things will go back to exactly the way they were.

We now know that some things that work better on-line. Certain kinds of collaboration and information sharing are best when people are meeting over Zoom, or in VR, or possible in platforms that are still in development.

So I suspect that in the post-COVID world we will end up with a different mix of real and virtual. It won’t be the same as what we have been forced to go through this past year, but it won’t be exactly the same as what we had before that.

Just as people have learned to mix real life with the Web and with SmartPhones, I suspect we will end up mixing real life with new kinds of virtual meeting spaces. Whatever the mix might be, I hope it ends up bringing people closer together in the ways that really matter.

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