Real Year Live

We spent months preparing for our Siggraph 2021 Real Time Live (RTL) demo, and then our “show” lasted less than six minutes. Hopefully people out there will respond to our message.

But of equal importance, the compressed message we sent out reflects a larger message that we are communicating to ourselves. For RTL, our lab needed to boil things down to an essential core set of principles, and then show those principles in action.

We now have the mandate of expanding out from those core principles to an entire research agenda. Given that we have the entire resources of a lab, with really smart people, what do we want to get done in the coming year?

One way for us to think about this is to envision what we might show in the course of 6 minutes at the RTL session of Siggraph 2022. What will we show, and what will we be trying to say?

There are worse ways to chart out a year of research.

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