Miniature train neologism

After visiting a shop that sells miniature trains, I find that the entire world looks temporarily looks like a copy of a miniature train setup.

I wonder whether there is a word for this phenomenon. If not, what word could we coin that would properly describe this phenomenon?

2 Responses to “Miniature train neologism”

  1. Adrian says:

    Déjà choo-choo?

  2. J. Peterson says:

    Some model airplane enthusiasts set up an outdoor “airport” for their model planes at a field they acquired to fly their planes at. It was apparently pretty realistic.

    So the story goes, a flight instructor for people learning to fly -real- airplanes would take his students to the model field, and suggest they try landing there, taking over when they discovered the model runway was far too small to land the plane on. The point of the lesson was to place trust in maps and instruments, and not just visual depth perception that’s easily fooled.

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