Because there is so much information to convey in the course I am teaching, I have started pre-recording some of the lectures for my students. It is a very rewarding process, but I find that it takes vastly more prep work than live lectures.

The reason is that I don’t feel comfortable just vamping for a pre-recorded lecture. Rather, I feel compelled to build out the course notes very carefully, so that there are always visuals and structure that the students can follow when they review the material later.

In some ways this creates a much richer experience for the students. Essentially they are getting a kind of in-depth living textbook.

It’s probably worth the extra effort, because the end result is a higher quality set of instruction materials that also can benefit students well into the future. I just wish it weren’t so much work to do!

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  1. J. Peterson says:

    Well made lecture videos are a treasure. You can speed up the presentation (both saves time, and for me, makes it easier to concentrate). The ability to stop & rewind helps avoid getting lost.

    BTW, recently enjoyed this piece explaining Bezier curves:

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