Dream search

Adrian posted a great comment on my post from yesterday about Recording Dreams. At some point he said:

“I have a few old memories that, to this day, I’m uncertain if they really happened or were part of a dream. If I could search an archive of my dreams (or even just summaries of them), I might be able to learn which were real and which were imagined.”

It occurs to me that if a technology were developed that allowed you to access an archive of your dreams, that technology would also be capable of searching through your actual memories.

When that capability gets developed it will be very popular, and Google will provide a handy shortcut for it. You will be able to search for all sorts of topics in your dreams and memories, and cross-reference your dreams with your real memories. That could be useful for all sorts of things.

Especially if you start dreaming about what you discovered in your dreams. To find out whether you have been having dreams about your searches through your dreams, you can just do another Google search. The fun never ends.

You will also be able to access everyone else’s dreams and memories, but only if you are an advertiser. 🙂

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