Reality filter

Suppose there were a pair of glasses that you could put on to visually or sonically transform the world around you. Let’s also suppose that those glasses were as affordable as a smart phone.

What sorts of choices might people make, when taking advantage of those transformations? Would we turn the world around us into a theme park? Would we change the appearance or voices of people we’re talking to?

In principle, you could do anything with a reality filter. But in practice, certain choices will prove popular and others less so.

I suspect that people won’t choose any transformation of their perceived reality that would interfere with their own EQ (emotional intelligence quotient). It’s important to us, as social beings, to be able to “read” other people.

If anything, I suspect we will start to see apps that enhance your ability to figure out what is really going on with the people you are talking to. And that is going to have all sorts of implications for social interactions and acceptable cultural protocols.

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