One of the interesting things about blogging every day is that you keep running up against the limits of the medium. Like any medium, on-line blogging has limitations along many dimensions.

But there is one limitation in particular that I actively create: I don’t believe in talking about things that will point a finger at individuals who are not public figures.

I know that a lot of people on social media believe in “outing” other people for their expressed beliefs. There is quite a bit of on-line indignation these days, and some of it manifests itself in unilaterally taking private discussions public.

But I find myself taking the more old-fashioned view. The private and public spheres are very different, and they should not be casually mixed together.

I don’t have any problem with poking fun at myself, or with poking fun at entire groups of people who behave badly. But private individuals are off-limits, unless they choose to take their opinions public.

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