I am very happy to see that today’s date is a palindrome. The digits read the same forward and backwards. This leads to a number of interesting questions.

An easy question is, when is the next date that is a palindrome?

How much more challenging question is, what percentage of all dates are palindromes?

3 thoughts on “2202022”

  1. Tomorrow (if you use little endian dates) is 22/02/2022.

    To make your challenge even more challenging would be to include all the possible ways of formatting a date!

  2. I just discovered your blog and website about two hours ago, via links on an old stackoverflow post!

    Your post about palindrome dates reminded me of a recent previous palindrome day (12/11/21). I was working on a tool for visualizing Simplex Noise, and realized I had made a “visual palindrome” gif. If you are curious, here is the link:


    I would be very much honored if you had any comments about the github project. https://github.com/philfrei/SiVi

  3. Hi Phil. I love your project. And here I thought I knew the noise function forward and backward. 😉

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