Old phones and Zoom

I remember sometime back in the 1980s looking at my telephone and being frustrated. I knew there was a computer in there, but the phone company did not give me access to it.

“If only I could add to the software in that thing,” I would tell myself, “I could do make this experience so much better.” But of course, I didn’t have the needed access.

Skip forward a couple of decades, and now I can program my phone to my heart’s content. And so can a lot of other people, which is why there are so many cool apps on my phone.

But we haven’t yet gotten there with video chat. Zoom only entered the consciousness of the general public about two years ago, on or around March 12, 2020. That is the very definition of recent history.

So not surprisingly, there is, as yet, no way for those of us who don’t work for Zoom to program it. As we say in the software biz, there is no API for Zoom.

But inevitably that will change. If Zoom doesn’t provide an API, some competitor will show up who does. And those third party apps are going to make the experience of video-chat with your friend or your colleague or your grandma a lot cooler and more interesting.

Fun times ahead.

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  1. You might be interested in taking a look at the open source project Jitsi.org.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the reference!

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