Flashcard strategies

The on-line widget I showed yesterday was a very simple version of a flashcard program. Which leaves me wondering — how would you add to a program like that to make it better?

A number of things are missing which might or might not make it better. For example, in the current version you need to refresh the page to see the next question. It would probably be better to have an on-screen button to do that.

Also, right now there is no penalty for wrong answers. I wonder whether there should be, and if so how much the penalty should be.

Similarly, I don’t currently provide any sort of running score. So you don’t know until you’re done how much progress you’ve made.

More seriously, I don’t tell you whether the answer you just provided was wrong or right. From my time recently playing Spelling Bee, I know that getting an answer right feels great, and people should be rewarded for that.

Also, there is no very easy way for somebody else to substitute their own test questions. In case you are curious, there is a file there called flashcards.js which contains the content of the test.

Right now the only way you could substitute in your own test is to copy the index.html file from my folder, and put up a copy of the flashcards program on your own site, with your own version of flashcards.js.

Ideally you shouldn’t need to do that. For example, I could provide a way for you upload your flashcards.js file to my system. Then people could take your test instead of mine.

So many choices, so many possible things to do! Maybe it’s good that I stopped where I did. Otherwise I might end up spending the next year working on flashcard programs.

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