Direct brain interface and future language

I realize that meaningful non-trivial person-to-perosn communication via direct brain interface is still quite a ways off. Still, it’s interesting to think about what will change after that technological milestone is achieved.

One thing that makes this tricky is that it is unclear exactly what to expect from DBI. Presumably communication will continue to include grammatically constructed sentences.

But will those sentences consist of words as we now know them? Or will we have a kind of enhanced language, in which we can directly transmit the images in our minds?

Rather than say the word “elephant”, perhaps I will show you a particular elephant. I will still be using language — constructing sentences to convey meaning — but the building blocks of language might mutate.

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but it seems like a useful conversation to begin. At the very least, I hope I have started to paint a picture in your mind.

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