Tron parties

Today somebody reminded me that yesterday there was a party in Hollywood to mark the 40th anniversary of Tron. Which is an irony to me, since I worked on it. But couldn’t have gone, being in Vancouver all this week for the Siggraph conference.

And even greater irony is that this evening I am giving a talk to a number of fellow practitioners who were pretty much all around when the original Tron was made back in 1982, and quite a few of whom worked on it. So all of us were destined to miss the 40th anniversary celebration in Hollywood.

It just reminds me of the strange relationship between those of us who make the magic possible, and the folks in Hollywood who make their own brand of magic on top of ours.

The nerds and the cool kids can sometimes hang together. And sometimes they can even make great things together. But they’re never going to hang out at all the same parties.

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