Vodka ice pops

Before boarding a flight, I heard the announcement “bringing or consuming alcoholic beverages on board is prohibited.” That seems pretty absolute, but is it? I wonder because it turns out that the prohibition agains liquids has a big loophole.

Recently, following advice that I read on-line (so it has to be true), I tried putting a plastic water bottle in the freezer and then bringing it onto a flight. And TSA had no problem with it.

It seems that “frozen water” does not count as a liquid, so it doesn’t get flagged. Which makes sense, because it actually isn’t a liquid.

So I’m now thinking about the possibilities. If I were to freeze an alcoholic beverage, then it wouldn’t be a beverage, right?

Which means it should be ok to bring on board something alcoholic but completely frozen. I could also consume it on the plane, as long as it wasn’t a beverage while I was consuming it.

So I’m wondering whether it would be ok to make yummy vodka ice pops. I could prepare them at home, and then bring them on board for a refreshing in-flight snack.

I guess the question comes down to the letter versus the spirit of the law. Which will it turn out to be: absolute or Absolut?

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