Virtual art gallery

I’ve been working on the creation of a virtual art gallery. In this project, I am far more interested in the aesthetic questions than the technical ones.

I’ve been focusing on the size of the room, the placement of windows, and the location and size of the works of art hanging on the walls. I’ve chosen an appropriate view outside the window, and I picked just the right floor color and texture to set the right mood.

I’ve been working on this for a few days on my computer. Then just today, for the first time, I looked at it in my VR headset.

One odd thing is that after spending so much time creating it, I find that in VR the room feels like a real place. Intellectually I know it doesn’t really exist, but in my gut I feel like it’s a familiar place where I hang out.

I wonder whether this is because I built it myself. Maybe when you create a room in VR with love and care, and you really sweat the details, it starts to feel like a real place.

Now I’m wondering what it would feel like if I were to actually build this as a physical room, with the same details and the same art on the walls. Would it feel different, or would it just feel like the same experience that I am now having while wearing my VR headset?

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