Widget Wednesdays #33

Last week I showed how to make agitated graph paper. The trick was to add time-varying noise to the intersection points of the grid.

But it wasn’t as much fun as it could be, because it wasn’t interactive. So this week I thought it would be nice to make a responsive agitated grid.

I made it so if you rub the grid with your mouse, it reacts by moving around. The result turns out to be not so much agitated as ticklish.

Basically, you get to tickle graph paper. Which I’m guessing not something you’ve ever experienced.

I implemented it in a very simple, so if you look at the code, you can compare with last week’s widget see what has changed. Fortunately, it only took a few lines of code to make the grid ticklish.

You can see the widget here. As usual, if you scroll down to the bottom and click on the word that you see there to see and edit the source code, if live coding tickles your fancy.

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