Scrolling back during a Zoom meeting

I was at a Zoom meeting today, which was being recorded. In the middle of somebody’s screen-shared presentation, I got a phone call.

I didn’t pick up the call, but I needed to take a minute to send the caller a note telling them that I’d call them back after my meeting. In the meantime, I had completely missed whatever was said in that portion of the presentation.

What I really wanted to do in that moment was scroll back to look at the previous slide or two. But Zoom doesn’t let me do that.

Since the meeting was being recorded, there was clearly a record of what had transpired up to that moment in the meeting. But there was no way for me to see it.

Eventually, when the Zoom recording comes out, I will be able to review the presentation. And then I will know what I missed.

But by that point it will be far too late for me to ask useful questions in the meeting itself. Which makes me sad.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have the option during a Zoom meeting of scrolling back through whatever was previously on screen? On the list of “useful features I would like added to Zoom” this is definitely one.

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