It was weird having something I posted here showing up on Slashdot yesterday. I only knew about it because a friend emailed me.

I never really think about who might be reading this blog. I mostly write it for myself and whatever friends happen to be reading. So it’s always a little jarring when something I wrote here shows up in a more public forum.

I read through the ensuing conversation on Slashdot, and it was very lively, with strong opinions expressed all around. Just as expected, and wonderful — free speech in all its messy glory.

At some point I will probably write a follow-up post, based on what I read there. But first I need time to digest it all and think about it.

Meanwhile, one unfortunate but not unpredictable side effect is that I am suddenly getting lots of “comments” from spambots. I guess the takeaway here is: Support free speech, but use good filters.

One thought on “Slashdot”

  1. I’ll plead guilty to submitting your post to Slashdot. I thought discovering that your face image is now a database key was newsworthy. Customers of the service may want to evaluate where else this “key” could be applied, as your subsequent post discusses.

    One of the comments indicated this is actually spelled out in Global Entry’s fine print. Apparently it states the passport scan is just a backup in case you’ve grown a beard during your trip.

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