I love watching romantic comedies. They are highly formulaic, but the best ones do wonders with the formula.

One of my favorite kinds of RomCom is the redemption story. This is where one of the two lovers — generally the main character — has a serious character flaw.

This character is, at the start of the film, fundamentally unlikeable. But we know that he or she can be saved! All that is required is the love of the right person.

And sure enough, that person shows up. And eventually the inevitable happens. Love conquers all, our hero / heroine becomes a better person, and we all go home feeling better about ourselves and the world.

What I particularly like about a good RedCom is that it has all of the shamelessly pleasurable traits of a good RomCom, but in heightened form. It’s a fairy tale set in modern times.

And like all RomComs it is based loosely on reality. But in particular, it is based on the version of reality that our innermost selves are secretly wishing for.

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