The human body exists at only one scale. We are not six inches tall, and we are not seventy feet tall.

Certain operations are easy for us, because they match the natural scale of our bodies. We evolved as a species developing skills that work well at that scale.

We have evolved advanced tools that allow us to manipulate the world around us at very small scale as well as at very large scales. But those tools are not generally part of our everyday life.

But what will happen in the future, as mixed reality evolves? Perhaps we will start to see the rise of consumer level tools for manipulating the world at those other scale.

After all, if everyone is able to perceive that tiny thing sitting on their circuit board, or that giant tree in their lawn, as though it is human-sized, it changes the equation. In the long run, we all might just end up getting access to tools that will let us pick up those things and move them.

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