Some judgment

Caught the Broadway revival of Into the Woods last night. It was awesome.

I especially liked the puppets, designed by James Ortiz and wonderfully puppeteered by Kennedy Kanagawa. The puppet cow in particular was a crowd favorite.

During intermission, I was talking about the show with some friends, and trying to decide which amazing performance we liked the best. I said, tongue in cheek, “I think the cow should get a Tony.”

A woman sitting nearby suddenly jumped into our conversation. “Actually, it would be a Tony for puppetry,” she explained. She went on to elaborate. “And it would be the puppeteer who would get the award.”

None of us knew what to say to that. So we didn’t say anything.

The moment was eerily reminiscent of my experience that same morning when ChatGPT spouted nonsense. Except that ChatGPT doesn’t do that unless you ask.

One thought on “Some judgment”

  1. Some people just come from nowhere and being, well, rude. But I guess that also makes us human-being (maybe the kind we don’t like, though…)

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