Code encounters of the third kind

Sometimes your demo code works right away. Other times it can take a solid week of hacking. And then there are those times when you encounter a demo that takes a year or so to finally work.

The first kind is very easy. The second kind is challenging. The third is very very frustrating.

Today I finally succeeded getting a demo of the third kind to work. It’s been a long haul, and I had been starting to suspect that this day would never come.

I think I’ll take the evening off now and watch an old Spielberg movie. Maybe something with mashed potatoes.

One thought on “Code encounters of the third kind”

  1. It is the odd times that I write a significant bit of code, run it and am shocked that it worked as intended first time. Those are the times that worry me the most. What horror awaits me to get my luck back to neutral?

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