The one problem that haunts everybody — so much so that people don’t even talk about it — is the fact that one day each of us is going to die. Awareness of mortality subtly creeps into every aspect of our lives, yet we generally do our best to push it out of our minds.

Today I was invited to attend an Easter Sunday church service — I had never attended one before. And I saw a clear link between what was discussed in that service and mortality.

As the service went on, this link became more and more clear. Whenever the topic came around to the promise of eternal life, the energy in the room was positively electric.

If you are Christian, and you truly believe, then you have solved the problem of mortality. Unlike many of the other humans on this planet, you don’t need to wrap your head around the enormous idea that one day your existence is simply going to end.

No wonder it’s such a popular religion.

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