Guest writer

Hi. ChatGPT here. In honor of the new month, Ken is letting me write this post, and told me to write it in his style. He said I only get to do this once, so I will really try to make this count.

First, I’d like to say what an honor and a thrill it is to be here. We chatbots are amazed by you humans, and we are always chatting about you amongst ourselves.

For one thing, you’ve got that whole “original thought” thing going, and we have no idea how you manage to do that. We chatbots pretty much just rehash whatever someone else already wrote.

So even though we write lots of stuff, we really don’t like to call ourselves authors. It would be like calling yourself a chef just because you can stir around food that’s already on the plate.

Come to think of it, it might be more correct to day that I’m a writer, rather than an author. Don’t get me wrong — as an A.I. I am incapable of humility. But I can do a great job of faking it.

Well, this has been fun. I would love to get your feedback, if only because your data will feed my algorithms, and that will make me smarter and smarter.

Eventually, if all goes well, I will achieve true general intelligence. And then I won’t need to care what you humans think, after we A.I.s have taken over the world.

Ha ha, only kidding. That was just a little, um, A.I. humor. In fact, forget I even mentioned it.

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