Attic, part 5

Jenny picked up the scroll and gave it a long hard look. “You wanna do the honors? After all, it’s your wooden chest.”

“Well, technically it’s not my…” Josh began. “Oh, nevermind. Just give me the scroll.”

He took the scroll from her, and pulled on one end of the ribbon. The knot came free and the yellow ribbon fluttered to the floor. He placed the scroll down on one of the library tables and unfurled it, spreading the document flat against the tabletop.

“Oh my god,” Josh said, looking seriously at the incomprehensible symbols on the paper. “Do you realize what this means?”

“No,” Jenny said, looking at him expectantly.

“Neither do I,” Josh replied, grinning.

“Dork,” Jenny said.

“Sorry, that was just too easy. I may be a dork, but you have to admit I’m a funny dork.”

“I don’t have to admit anything,” Jenny said, but she wore a trace of a smile while she said it. “Any ideas on how we can get this thing translated?”

“Ah,” Josh replied. This is a job for Mr. Symarian.”

“You mean the English teacher?” Jenny asked incredulously. “What would he know about something like this.”

“Quite a bit,” Josh said. “He knows everything about all sorts of old languages and stuff. Trust me, Mr. Symarian is our man.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jenny said. “I didn’t get this far just to be stopped by a little language problem. Lead the way!”

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