Attic, part 9

Apparently, as Jenny and Josh understood it, the goal was to create something called an “astral portrait”. Sid seemed very confident in his power to do this — apparently it was one of the more elementary spells — but a quiet and secluded place was needed to conduct the ceremony.

Meanwhile Mr. Symarian employed a different kind of power — he reserved a meeting room in the school basement over the weekend. When the secretary in the main office asked for the purpose of the meeting, he told her “Astral Photography Club.”

So it was that the four of them found themselves in room G102, bright and early on a Sunday morning — the one time of week they could be sure nobody would be around to disturb them. Jenny and Josh hadn’t been sure what to expect. They wouldn’t have been surprised if Mr. Symarian had shown up in a long robe and a pointed hat. To their considerable disappointment, he arrived in the same rumpled jacket he always wore.

Mr. Symarian set up four tall black candles, one at each corner of the table. He fumbled for matches, then looked apologetically at Sid. “Sorry, this was so much easier before I quit smoking.”

“Don’t sweat it pal,” the demon replied, “I do this kinda thing for breakfast”. Sid waved one tiny taloned hand and all four candles flared into flame. Jenny and Josh looked at each other gleefully. This was starting to get interesting.

Mr. Symarian took a small black notebook out of his jacket pocket. It looked very old and worn, and there was an odd symbol etched into the front cover. He placed the notebook neatly onto the table, opened it to a page he had previously marked, and in a quiet measured voice began to read out loud.

3 thoughts on “Attic, part 9”

  1. He read:

    “One is to search by candlelight in all hidden places, even cracks in the floor.

    One is not to speak between the blessing and the beginning of the search, even concerning the search itself.

    Throughout the search one should not speak about anything that is not relevant to the search.”

  2. Interesting parallel! Remarkable how easy it was to find the reference by doing a Topeka search. 🙂

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