Hmm, interesting.

It seems that there is an on-line poll, being conducted by our very own Public Broadcasting Service, which is asking the question “Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?” Now you might think she is, and you might think she isn’t – that’s entirely up to you to decide.

But what’s unusual about this situation is that, apparently, folks on the political right learned about this poll in advance and have been flooding the site with YES votes. You might agree with them or not – that’s your call.

I’m not going to tell anybody how to vote, but I figure I’ll just call this to your attention and let you decide if you want to weigh in here:


Like I said, it’s your call.


Update: Interesting idea, but we’ve realized that this poll is broken. Don’t waste your time actually trying to vote on it. -KP

3 thoughts on “Qualified”

  1. I hope nobody takes this poll too seriously, since I have just had a vivid mental image of a row of computer-wielding Nigerians deciding the future of the US.

  2. Actually, I think there is something hokey about the PBS poll. When I saw it last week, it was at exactly the same place – 49% each. I suspect it is actually broken.

  3. Well, that was pretty funny and weird. Apparently we started out with only 49% on our side, with a full 49% on their side – no doubt with help from those pesky Nigerians. But thanks to all of you and your hard work, we have now attained a full 49% of the votes, whereas the opposition are reduced to a mere 49%. Hurrah for our side! Nothing like democracy in action!


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