Today a woman I know was telling me about her brother, who – to her distress – embraces decidedly right-leaning values from down home where they grew up. Recently, when their dad needed a coronary bypass operation, the doctor assigned by the hospital was, by all accounts, learned and brilliant, with a long track record of success. But her brother didn’t approve. After meeting the doctor, he felt that this man, who’d been educated at Harvard Medical School, was too “elitist”, and so he demanded that the hospital provide somebody else.

The hospital obliged, and so their dad was operated upon by somebody else – somebody white.

Yes, it’s an ugly story. Don’t kid yourself, this election is about the very soul of this country. Someone can wear a euphemism on their sleeve because they find it unseemly to call it a swastika, but they are still wearing a swastika. I guess it’s time for me to stop trying to make excuses for this hate, so I’ll just lay this out plainly:

These racists are disgusting, and they are a disgrace, a betrayal of everything that our beautiful nation stands for. Every time someone says to you: “Oh, I’m sorry, I could never vote for a black man”, they are attacking your country. They might as well be cutting up the American flag into little pieces and urinating on it.

If you have any love at all for the United States of America, and the ideals that have instilled so much pride within you since you were a child, you have a solemn duty to fight them.

Today they say “black” is un-American. Tomorrow they will say “Jew” is un-American. The day after that they will say “Catholic” is un-American. And it won’t stop there. Once unreasoned hatred takes hold – hatred that literally makes no sense and is based upon nothing – it consumes everything and everyone in its path.

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