My tribe

Sandra is a woman I know, originally from Jamaica, and one of the most refreshingly down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. She is also definitely someone that most people in my country would call “African American”. The other day we ran into each other, a few days after the election. The very first thing she said to me was “It’s about time they elected an intellectual for president.”

Swelling with pride, I smiled at here and raised my fist high in triumph. “My tribe!” I said. She smiled back, pleased by my enthusiasm, sharing my joy that one of my people had won.

I could see that she was very happy for me.

One Response to “My tribe”

  1. zeth says:

    As a skinny, Half-rican American male who plays basketball and has a daughter I’ve got you beat on a bunch of levels. But I’ll let you have the intellectual bit.
    See? The divisiveness and partisanship is melting away . . .

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