Reader annotated

There were a number of interesting suggestions in response to the butterfly-to-fractal animation I posted the other day. One of them was an offer by a composer to create an accompanying score — I’m very excited about that!!

Another idea, since the piece is semi-nonfigurative and somewhat mysterious in places (several people described it as an “animated Rorschach test”), was to open it up to audience annotation.

This is an intriguing notion — create a base piece, and then use that original work merely as the starting point for an entire community to layer meaning over it. Eventually, these annotations might start to form conversations with each other, building meanings and mutual interactions far beyond any ideas contained in the original work.

The question comes up of how best to structure such a community-building enterprise. What would the result look like? An animation? A storybook? An evolving 3D landscape?

At this point I don’t have answers to these questions. If you do, I welcome any and all ideas!

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