I had hardly begun – it began to be hard
    The bard in me tried, but such things try a bard
    For when all is reversed, then reversals are all
    And small thoughts at large, though largely thought small
    When forced to grow still, yet still grow in force
    Of course you may run, and they may run their course
    But I’ve learned to fear most what I’d most feared to learn:
    You can turn from the truth but the truth has its turn.


8 Responses to “Antimetabolic”

  1. Dagmar says:

    I can see the truth in your words
    in spite I can’t see the truth in your eyes
    just because I can’t see you

    I can see the lies in the words of others
    why, I ask, why

    since all that I can see
    is a bunch of characters

    maybe the truth has its turn and its character

  2. admin says:

    Yes, good point!

    A word is made of characters and our character is our word
    Whether heard aloud or only thought (or so I thought I’ve heard)
    Our eyes may not be seen and yet we must see with our eyes
    For even lies reveal truth, and truth in every revelation lies


  3. troy says:

    I don’t get it…

    Does it get me?

  4. admin says:

    Exactly! It’s all antimetabole.

    But don’t worry Troy – you just like to know its purpose and what it means. It’s not being mean on purpose, you know, like, just to you.

  5. troy says:

    So does it try to mean something, or, do I simply have no means to try? For me to understand what it is I must stand under what it was. And I stand by what I believe, not simply as a bystander. Was there really purpose, or was the porpoise far from real? The deal is that I must think, and I think there is a deal. I know your words aren’t being mean, in a way they have appeal, so, I’ll peal away the meaning of the words you know, but for me they’re just surreal.

  6. admin says:

    Cool! I especially like “stand under”. :-)

  7. VRBones says:

    Sphinx: Your temper is very quick, my friend. But until you learn to
    master your rage–
    Furious: Your rage will become your master? That’s what you were
    gonna say, right? Right?
    Sphinx: …Not necessarily.

  8. admin says:

    Yes, I loved that about the Sphinx, the way his two-cent antimetabole would pass for mystery and wisdom with everyone but Furious.

    Then again, in his defense, the Sphinx did also say: “You must lash out with every limb, like the octopus who plays the drums. “

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