Musical candy buttons, revisited

Today I decided to try making a simple musical instrument with candy buttons, using my new expanded palette of chromatic musical notes.

One interesting thing about this arrangement is that the six candy buttons that surround any candy button are its half-step, whole-step and minor-third pitch neighbors. For example, the six candy buttons around the candy button that plays a C note will play A, A#, B, C#, D and D# notes.

You can try it for yourself by clicking on the image below to link to the on-line java applet:

3 thoughts on “Musical candy buttons, revisited”

  1. Most interesting way you laid them out! Went up and down, zig zag etc. BTW how do you turn off the sustaining sound? Even after I close the browser window I still have a pedal going on 🙂

  2. I made a change this morning which I think fixes the pedal-sound-after-window-closing problem. Hopefully it will load the new version if you quit your browser app and relaunch it.

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