Vampire robots in love

I’ve noticed a recent trend in films – “boy meets girl” stories where the boy isn’t really a boy, or the girl isn’t really a girl, and there is no real possibility of a sexual relationship. I’m thinking in particular of “Twilight”, “Wall-E”, and “Let the Right One In”. In each case you have the classic pairing off of two characters – the “boy” and the “girl” – who meet and gradually realize, in spite of their enormous differences, they are meant for each other.

Except that in these stories, the boy isn’t really a boy, or else the girl isn’t really a girl, or neither. The boy might be a vampire, or the girl, or the girl might be a vampire who isn’t even a girl vampire, or both of them might be robots. Not really either a boy or a girl – just a robot.

And yet they assume these clear and unambiguous gender roles in their relationship with each other, they circle around each other, go through the elaborate dance of romance and seduction, and finally pair off.

But in each case, in spite of the happily ever after, there’s no sex between them. Lots of sexual tension, but no sex. I wonder whether there is some pattern here. Perhaps it is a sign of the times.

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  1. Actually, Twilight, which has every young woman between the age of 12 and 16 flocking to the movie…It’s a cool story and a quick read. The vampires in this story are socially conscious…They’re trying to be vegetarian and live like good humans. The young woman (Isabella) falls for one of them named Edward (played by Robert Pattison) who I would fall for too. He’s absolutely dreamy! Edward falls in love with her, but he has to resist her, because if he has any sexual relatedness, he will have to devour her into eternal life and love…And he wants her to stay human…He’s the Romantic, Byronic, Gothic, Bronte-like hero/anti-hero ala 21rst century pop culture! Another good thing about the film is that it is the first part of a series film that has been written, directed and produced by women. It won’t change your life but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Great for a saturday matinee! 🙂

  2. TRUEBLOOD on HBO does not conform to your or a Hollywood traditional vampire concept. Not even like DARK SHADOWS or BUFFY concept. TRUEBLOOD won several awards and has a very unusual premise, which I will not give away (rent Series #1 on DVD when it comes out). It is VERY dark and has twists and turns that the audience would not expect.

  3. Spoiler! I didn’t know that there’s no sex 😉

    It’s funny, I bought the “Twilight” book at the airport a year ago, in Norwegian. I picked it at random, out of a bulk of youth books – I thought it would be easy to read for one learning the language. I didn’t get to it until recently though, and now there’s this big fuzz about it. I like it though, so far 🙂

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