Memorable month

There are months that just seem to glide by, without containing any events of consequence. And then there are months that grab you by the collar, drag you off into a corner, beat you about the head and neck and scream “remember me, damn you!”

I’m not talking about whether a month has been good or bad, only whether it has been memorable. Looking back over this month, I would definitely have to say it has been one of those drag-you-off-into-a-corner kinds of month.

I am not complaining, rather more feeling amused. After all, this is a February we’re talking about — and therefore about as short as a month can be, going by the calendar. We’re not even talking leap month here. Yet for me the last four weeks have been crammed chock full of event and consequence, about as full as as any four weeks can be.

I don’t know whether I would want every month to be so intense. Nonetheless it is interesting, every once in a while, to go through one of these.

Although I do very much hope March will turn out to be more peaceful.

And maybe shorter. 🙂

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