Snap together stories

I’m working on a way for people to build stories by snapping together words and phrases. The goal is for this to be collaborative — which means there’s going to be a server side, where the stories that people build together can live.

But first I’m working out the interaction — how you put the pieces together into larger pieces. This effort is very much inspired by the snap-together tiles approach used by the Scratch project at MIT. Except that I’m applying it to natural language.

I hope to have the server side connected soon. Meanwhile you can get a sense of it by clicking on the image below:

2 thoughts on “Snap together stories”

  1. Cool – but it doesn’t work right for me now. When I drag the red things, they don’t snap into place, and the piece I dragged *from* becomes blue.

    – Ben

  2. The red things are the masters, and the blue things are the instances. You “tear off” the red things to create the tiles that you actually manipulate, which are the blue ones.

    I’ll have to revisit the instructions to make that more clear.

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