A boulder on the tracks

I’m writing this on a train, which is stopped because onto the tracks somebody rolled a very large boulder, which our train has hit. The collision with the boulder has caused sufficient damage to the train (which had been traveling 125 miles per hour) that we passengers now need to transfer to another train.

The conductor has announced that in about half an hour another train will come by, and then we will begin the process of moving everyone.

Sitting here, I am slowly absorbing how fortunate we all are to be alive and well. If our train had gone off its rails, many of us would have been either killed or seriously injured.

The oddest thing is that the conductors say they are quite sure, based on where the event occurred, that the boulder was placed there deliberately (as opposed, say, to having rolled down a hill).

Which leaves me trying to understand the mindset of someone who would roll a giant boulder onto train tracks. Were they just being stupid, or did they actually understand how close they came to causing death or injury to hundreds of people?

2 thoughts on “A boulder on the tracks”

  1. I am only glad your are safe and typing.
    Sometimes I wonder how frustrated people can be, to do things like that and I always end up at the same point – low self-esteem that leads to different kinds of aggression. Maybe that is too easy, I do not know.

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