Time travel in China

I just read that the government of the People’s Republic of China has essentially banned TV shows that feature time travel. I’m not making this up — here is the story.

I guess this is conclusive proof that time travel does not exist. Because if it did, some intrepid TV producers would certainly have traveled back through time and given themselves advice about how to avoid annoying the Chinese government.

On the other hand, maybe some rival TV producers who actually have time travel have managed to use it to go back through time and plant those seeds of suspicion about time-travel themed TV shows in the minds of government officials.

But then what happens when the people who make the time-travel TV shows get hold of that time machine, and figure out how to get the Chinese government to think that time-travel themed TV shows are the most patriotic thing imaginable.

Would we all end up getting caught in an endless time loop?

And more importantly, if we do, can we make a great Chinese TV show about it?

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  1. Mari says:

    I was just saying to my family and friends I want to learn Chinese now, and I’m going there too. What I understand the verbs don’t have time tense. So maybe the past is the present is the future for them :)

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