Concernant le Heleniad

Well, now that Sally has run my work through an automatic translator, I suppose I must provide an proper translation, if only to defend the honor of my muse. But if you want to get the poetry of this, you’ll need to go back to my entry of February 8 and read the original in French.

"I shall speak in French
It is the language of truth
To say to you what I know"
Thus the demon said

"It is the time for you to hear
It is the moment for you to understand
Your dreams which I wish to take"
Then the demon laughed

The girl was pensive
"Seventeen years" she repeated
"That is many years
And life is brief"

The boy said "My love
I speak to you from my heart
You know that I adore you
Has it all been a dream?"

In a day a life can change
All is rearranged
A dream is disturbed
And love is dissolved

The night was somber
The world was in shadow
What is in a number?
Sadly, perhaps everything.

2 Responses to “Concernant le Heleniad”

  1. Mashhuda says:

    So tragic, so much can change in an instant. My dad used to tell me that man supposes and God disposes, in this case the demon disposes of this couples dreams.

    We have a natural tendency to look towards the future, to make plans but these can be so fragile like castles in the air. Do we need to maintain the delusion of the predictability of life to feel secure? I guess the comfort zone in-between is safest for me, plan – but be open to possibilities.

  2. sally says:

    i like your translation better than babblefish’s

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