Visit to the future

I was a bit nervous before my recent talk in Hong Kong, mainly because my pre-talk preparation time — to calibrate the demo and get everything tracking properly — was cancelled at the last moment, due to a conference scheduling SNAFU. But the show must go on, particularly when there are several hundred people in the audience.

Also, they couldn’t get a camera set up until about fifteen minutes into the talk, so you miss the parts where I talk about Will Wright, Gordon Moore, Lance Williams, my dad, C.P. Snow, Myron Krueger, Hiroshi Ishii, Marco Tempest, Arthur C. Clarke, J.K. Rowling, Babak Parviz, Verner Vinge, George Lucas, and the parietal lobe. BTW, the fact that there even is a recording reflects great work by some very hard-working tech-support people.

All part of the thrill of a live show! SIGGRAPH Asia has kindly put the video up on YouTube, so you can see, for yourself, my little visit to the future.

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