“Jump in, the water’s great!” she said.

He took a running leap and jumped off the pier, as the afternoon sun sparkled off the water.

He like the way time slowed down at moments like this, giving him time to think. It had been a day just like this when they’d first met, at that summer place by the lake. Seeing her there in the water, he had taken that first jump. Well, several first jumps, if you counted their relationship, a crazy leap of faith if there ever was one.

It wasn’t until weeks later, out of nowhere, over the phone, that she’d told him it was over.

He remembered other things. Hiding out in his apartment for weeks after she was gone, hitting the bottle again, finding himself revisiting places they’d gone together, like those romantic night visits to the rooftop.

And tonight, when he’d gone up again, in a daze, somehow hoping, against all hope, that she would be there. One final crazy leap of faith.

It wasn’t until the last moment that he saw the pavement rushing up toward him. Out of nowhere. His last thought was that now she would never come back to him.

2 Responses to “Jump”

  1. Sharon says:

    This is a dangerous time for you when you will be tempted by the dark side of the Force. Perhaps it is good that your paper will be submitted after tomorrow 😉

  2. admin says:

    Oh, don’t worry, it’s all just metaphor. I’m exploring the space, maybe even pushing the edge to see how far it can go.

    Tomorrow’s story will be very different. :-)

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