“Kangaroo!” said old Eddy.

A young woman at the bar moved away from him.

“Listen Eddy,” the bartender said, “You’re gonna have to stop that.”

“Kangaroo!” old Eddy repeated, looking intently at the bartender. He seemed mildly disappointed when nothing happened.

“OK,” the bartender sighed. “I’ll bite. Why do you keep saying ‘Kangaroo’?”

“Demons,” old Eddy explained.

“There are kangaroo demons?”

“No,” Eddy continued patiently. “Demons walk among us, just blend right in. Only way to get rid of them is to look ’em right in the eye and say ‘Kangaroo!'”

“That’s enough. You’re disturbing the customers.”

A few minutes later the cops arrived. “Evening Hal, what’s the problem?”

“Evening Fred, Joe. Old Eddy here thinks he sees demons.”

Officer Fred sighed. “We just came back from a call, guy jumped off a building ’cause his girlfriend left him. That guy had demons.”

Old Eddy snorted. “No, that guy was an idiot.”

“We done here?” officer Joe asked. “My turn to spring for donuts.”

Old Eddy looked at him. “Kangaroo!”

Suddenly where officer Joe had been there was just a pile of clothing on the barroom floor.

“Told you,” Eddy muttered.

Officer Fred looked down. “Does this mean no donuts?”

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