“Melvin Glopnik, clean your room!”

“I’m busy.” Melvin said, an empty beaker in one hand, bunsen burner in the other.

“I’m your mother, and I say your room is a mess.” Agnes Glopnik frowned and tugged sourly at her dark hair. What was it with all the experiments? Honestly, sometimes she didn’t know why they’d had a kid in the first place.

Melvin hated having his concentration disturbed. Especially now he’d finally gotten the bunsen burner working.

He found that these experiments helped take his mind off always feeling dislocated. Living in a different town every few months, needing to deal with new people, it made his head hurt.

He understood it was necessary, and he was learning from it, but sometimes this constant moving got to him.

“Melvin!” Agnes Glopnik said again. “Are you listening?”

He sighed. Clearly this wasn’t working. He muttered quietly. She shimmered and was gone.

It was all fine, he thought, to spend time living among humans. Every young demon goes through the training. It just required altering human memories, which was easy. But it didn’t always work out.

He peered into the beaker, examining the small dark haired figure inside. Now where was he?

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