Portable fish

Oftentimes, as I am dashing around trying to get a million things done, I find myself reducing each item on my to-do list to some convenient catch-phrase. The last few days I have caught myself running around muttering “portable fish, must finish the portable fish”.

My friend Sharon, who reads this blog, knows what this phrase means, since it is a reference to a project we are working on together. But at some point it occurred to me that anybody else listening in might just think I’ve gone off my meds. 🙂

I wonder how much of one’s inner focus becomes redacted into such catch-phrases, little mental PostIts that stand in for complete thoughts. If I hadn’t caught myself this time, I would probably never haver realized that I had stuck this particular mental PostIt up somewhere inside my head.

How many others have I got in there? And how long do they stay up after I no longer need them?

2 thoughts on “Portable fish”

  1. Yes! Portable fish! 🙂

    I wish my mental post-its were that crisp. They tend to be more blurry with periodic shocks of remembering “oh, right, I need to do *that*”.

  2. I am continually trying to reduce thoughts into post-its — yours just come “naturally”?

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