The pliable pawn

Taking just a small step today, I’ve changed the behavior of the pawn.

Now when you hit the keys 1…5, rather than making the different parts of the pawn appear and disappear, you just change their shape.

Because there are five keys 1,2,3,4,5, this means that you can create 32 different pawns (since every key multiplies the possibilities by two). None of these 32 pawns look like each other, yet each on is unmistakably a pawn.

Click on the image below to try it for yourself:


Of course this is going to get much more interesting when the other five chess pieces are added into the mix.

3 thoughts on “The pliable pawn”

  1. As I was playing around with the different number keys to grow and shrink various parts of the pawn it almost made the figure look animated…which makes me wonder whether you could apply this same idea to your procedural animations. Perhaps you could tweak the styles of behaviors for a set of animated figures similarly to how you tweak the parameters of the chess pieces. I don’t know if this makes sense.

  2. Good observation. Actually you are seeing an aspect of my procedural animation system in action. I am repurposing some of my procedural animation tools (as seen, for example, in my animated fish) in order to create the parameter variations that you see in this pawn applet.

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