Sweet Popcorn Gal, part II.7

“Yes, it’s crazy what passes for normal around here,” the young woman said. “What isn’t normal is four people just hanging out in some metaphysical coffee shop, without trying to leave.”

“Four people and a waiter,” said the writer.

“Hmm, I don’t think he counts. He kind of comes with the place.”

“Doesn’t this strike anybody as strange?” she continued. “I mean, do any of us even have a name here?”

“Of course I have a name,” the writer said, “I’m…” a look of surprise came over his face.

“You see,” the young woman said. “Something’s not right.”

The young man jumped in. “The two of us have been talking it over, and we think we’d like to check out the real world.”

“Interesting,” said the woman in the red dress. “Going from imaginary to real. You’d have to take the right turn.”

The writer gave her a look. “Are you positive? Why couldn’t you take a left turn instead?”

The woman in red laughed. “Now you’re just being negative. Let’s hear what these nice young people have to say.”

“I’m not sure what you two are talking about, but can’t we just go through the door?” the young woman asked. And with that, she got up and walked toward the door of the coffee shop. Before going through it she turned back to the young man. “Coming?”

“You bet!” he said, leaping up from his seat. In a moment the two of them were through the door and gone.

“Well,” said the woman in red, “I guess now it’s just the two of us.”

“Unless you count the waiter,” the writer replied.

She giggled. “Like the woman said, I think he kind of comes with the place.”

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