A Journey through Jabberwocky

Today I was playing around with zooming as a design element, one of my old favorites. Wanting to do something different, I thought it would be interesting if a continual zoom were to take you back to where you started.

As it happens, this “journey that ends back to its beginning” is exactly the structure of one of my favorite poems — Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky, so I decided to put design element and content together.

Somehow it just seemed like a good way to tell this wonderful tale. You can see the result by clicking on the image below:

3 Responses to “A Journey through Jabberwocky”

  1. Sharon says:


  2. Andras says:

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

  3. admin says:

    Andras: Lucas did not originate that perspective text visual idea — he lifted it directly from the 1930s Flash Gordon serial. You can see an example of the original here.

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