Bad joke of the day

So The Borg decide that the only certain way to defeat the Federation Star Fleet is to go back in time to the very dawn of Earth space travel, capture the greatest human mind they can find, and co-opt that supreme intelligence to their own alien ends.

After doing extensive research, they determine that the greatest of all mid-twentieth century Earth philosophers with a favorable attitude toward collectivism was an individual named Jean-Paul Sartre. Through an enormous investment of time and effort, they manage to invent a temporal probe, which travels back to early 1950s Paris, whisks the great man away from his usual table at Les Deux Magots, and transports him forward in time to the 24rd Century.

After various cyber-bionic adjustments Sartre emerges, transformed into a formidable creature, half man and half machine. The Borg, certain now of impending victory over those pesky humans, ask him what their new strategy should be.

Sartre shrugs. “Existence,” he says, “is futile.”

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