Some magic new kind of coffee

There are long stretches of time when I feel that I am not getting much done. I feel guilty, beseiged, even slightly bewildered. Then there are the other times. Right now I am going through one of those other times.

Lately it feels as though I’ve been drinking some magic new kind of coffee. When I’m not answering emails, I’m programming, or cleaning up our lab, or arranging new collaborations, or setting up a new computer, or trying a new experiment. Suddenly the whole crazy whirlwind is making sense.

I know that these periods don’t last, and I really should enjoy it while I can. It feels like one giant bout of spring cleaning, except that the thing I’m cleaning is my life.

There are many theories why something like this sort of thing happens. I suspect that in this particular case, it’s because I’m feeling happy. :-)

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